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1256cc NOS Crankshaft


Popped over to York this morning to drop off a 4HA axle with Ian Jemison who have a jig especially designed for modifying a 4HA axle to fit the four link system on the Viva. which means no cutting the bodywork of the shell (top goal). Lots of nice toys...


Ray Updates

Sid the new owner of RAY my old HB saloon has sent me some pictures of RAY, I am over the moon that I sold him to Sid as I knew he would put the time and work into the wings and make RAY what he should be, a class...


Good bye Fella

Ray went off to his new owner today, yes I know its seems like its all of a sudden, but RAY was and is too good for the likes of me.. I want to concentrate on the GT and the HA and frankly RAY would of been left to one...