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Yea yea I know its been all too quiet here, well in some news Arthur is off to a new home tomorrow, sold (or should I say selling) the car to a chap from Portsmouth, so it will be in a nice place down south at the seaside. I took...

Luton Festival of Transport 2008

I went on my first car show this year so far down to Luton and meet up with some people I hadn’t seen in an age, anyway it was to sunny and I am burnt to a crisp. I havent been to the Luton show before even when I lived...


Just looking forward to the weekend

Well this weekend is looking like a complete screw up… We are all off to a show (read hardly anyone) which we never wanted to go to in the first place. Sorry for all you Bristol People, but its not exactly classic car central. Anyways its not the place nor...


Late Night

Its 1:25 am and I have given up trying to get all the paperwork done. Just 50 cards to laminate, Envelopes to stuff, stamps to stick, I shall do those in the morning. The three boxs of old paperwork can wait another day. OHHH for 20 arms and legs. Mind...

NTD890C in Redditch

Grey HA time

Had a long weekend, got myself another car (OOPS!) a loverly HA in Grey. Also I am now the official Membership sec, and webmaster for the club… OOPS spare time whats that !!!!

Viva National Rally 2005

This was my first trip to a dry viva owners club event, luckily it was also very local at Stanford Hall. I went in the new Brown HC 4 door saloon, and Kelly in Vjay it was only bought yesterday so haven’t realistically decided if I like it yet. Lots...