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Just a quickie

Changed the oil in Arthur, first oil change since we got him and about 4000 miles on the clock, in a year, just about good time for it as well. The car now shows 60psi at tick-over cold and 40 psi when hot, that’s 100% perfect, just that tiny oil...


Arther seem to have another dent

I got a call the other night to say my HC had been hit by the police! So I went to the police station today to find that the car that hit my HC was totalled! I didnt actually get to see it but from what I hear its front...


Arther service

Well another job down 1 million more to go. Swapped all the wheels onto Arther that are nice, checked treads air pressures etc all good. Topped up oil as it was very low !!! Topped up radiator as it was very low !!! Topped up washer bottle as it was...


Arthur has a MOT

Phew, collected Arthur after work, so I now have two road legal cars, which sounds like a luxury, but when the newest one is 32 years old one has to have a spare car! just in case.


MOT Time

Ironic as it is My Viva HC needed an MOT last week, so I took it for one and it failed on one part, a wishbone (what a funny name?) anyways I didnt have one, but a nice man gave me a whole front subframe with two wishbones on and...


Arthur MOT failure

Sent Arther for an MOT today. He failed on a rather important part, but on the whole the car is sound and thats a real weight off my head. A friend has offered me the bits and all I need do is collect them on Friday, ready to drop off...


Too many miles

Well it was a 7AM rise and 8AM leave the house got back home around 5PM, and where did I get too? Went to Leeds to drop the green estate off, and then Sleaford to collect the Coppertone S74… Tired now, 368 miles down and tooo tired to write much more.



Yayyyyyy, just aggreed to buy another Vauxhall Viva, and its not a tax free one!!! I have just looked at a model called an S74. its a rare model indeedy, but the only thing that makes it rare, is the colour (copper metalic) and the seats. The rest of the...


Viva HC backgammon

Well I said in my last post this weekend was going to be a screw up, and OMG has it been one. I decided it was better for me to stay at home and keep me head down in the paperwork for the club. I opened my mouth and was...