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Viva GT: Turning engine, brakes & clutch

A huge hurdle was crossed today, the engine turned over on the starter (plugs out) it was only a few seconds, as the battery was almost flat. The battery is on charge, but it was a special moment to hear the starter crank the engine over with no real issues....

All shaken up

I went for a ride tonight on the BSA Ariel 3, terrible camera action, still got to find a good way to mount it to the bike. Its good at demonstrating the sheer fun of having next to no suspension.

FBHVC Ride it day report

Nick and myself got the Trikes of Doom out and did a 19 mile ride (yes it was 19 miles Nick) around the countryside North of Nuneaton. Henry still has the edge over Stan, but its closer than it was, mainly due to the mainshaft bearings on the drive wheel...

Watch out Guy Martin

The filming that was done earlier in the year at Mallory park turned out to be rubbish due to wind noise, so we did it all again, it was a long day which resulted in about 10 minutes of film on line. Needless to say I come across as a...

Bsa Ariel 3

Mallory Park

Been out most of the day on the Air 3 with my mate Nick. We rode over to Mallory Park today to watch some of the Honda C90 Endurance racing, looked fun! We got grabbed by the guys at ‘On Yer Bike Show’ who interviewed both me and Nick as...

160J in the air


Thank god for that, as of 18:30 the Datsun is officially OKAY, it restarted and this time didn’t seize its valves solid after a few minutes. That means the varnish issue has been sorted, it just tuning and a good service now….

160J in the air

It runs

Well the Datsun 160J is now running ands seems to be fine bar a tune up…. Its now been left to cool down, to see if it Varnishes up again. It needs to cool down completely as thats when the crap in the fuel (we think fuel) is varnishing up...

John Toovey 912 HC

Lotus engine

Some time ago I obtained a lotus 912 LC engine, and over the last few months its been torn apart upgraded and rebuilt by a very nice group of chaps at John Toovey Race Engines in Cannock. Its now a High Compression ported and balanced 2.2 Lotus engine cracking out...


Not quite a drag race!

Yesterday was supposed to be the end of the season races at Avon park, and I was due to pop over and have a few runs up the track. Weather played a big part in the process of going or doing something else. In the end the races were curtailed...

Cut Away Engine

Its moving

Here is a Video I made today of the cut away engine in its full glory, its not a great video, it was dark in the garage and the camera man was a bit useless. But I forgive you martin as you are far far better and making cars than...