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Sunny Saturday

This morning and some of early afternoon was spent in Leeds assisting Kat to swap out the old 1256cc engine and replace it with a shiny 1159cc 90 engine. First job after a cuppa coffee was to pull out the offending lump of 1256cc ness and put it to one...


Head done

I finished the head for Kat’s engine tonight, looks okay to me! but just in case I will not bolt it to the engine till Kat has given it the all clear. The engine is ready to deliver now and get put in Emma

1159cc engine for kat

Well I thought I had actually start putting together the engine for kat’s HC Estate, and as I know Kat is one for detail I have done a full photo blog of the build, click on the first picture and a description will walk you through the build… the copper...


Too many miles

Well it was a 7AM rise and 8AM leave the house got back home around 5PM, and where did I get too? Went to Leeds to drop the green estate off, and then Sleaford to collect the Coppertone S74… Tired now, 368 miles down and tooo tired to write much more.

Crap day time

Well seems eveything I touch turns to dust! I will start with the cars and move on from there…. Emma the green estate is a pile of crap right now, everything was huncky dorry apart from the clutch cable so this morning I got out the tools and proceeded to FIX it. Little...

VHJ468H Aka Sidney

Amazing evening

Wow, I came home around 5:15 and it was so nice and sunny I grabed the afternoon and got on with playing cars, well so far I have got Emma (UOD919J) running almost 100% right. I have also got Marvin (NTD890C) going… hes my dream car 😀 below is a...

CNR870T Lurch

OPPS forgot to say

OOPs forgot to say, the nice part of me is giving one of the cars away for free… Kat in Leeds has been carless for as long as I have known her. She owns a viva but its a little rotten to say the least, she has always kept the...


Viva HC backgammon

Well I said in my last post this weekend was going to be a screw up, and OMG has it been one. I decided it was better for me to stay at home and keep me head down in the paperwork for the club. I opened my mouth and was...

VHJ468H Aka Sidney


Well its been a funny last few weeks, seem to be getting somewhere with Marvin (my grey car) I broke the gearlever in Sidney (my HB Viva) had my wing mirror smashed off the Astra and Emma (the green HC estate) I havent looked at in weeks. Seems to be...

Broom Broom

Broom Broom

Well I spent the entire day up to now, fitting a whole load of new electrics, its was a mess. loads of wires held together with tape, loose wires running all over the place. Its looking better now, all I need do is work out what one wire and switch...