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BSA Ariel 3

Somerset Curry

I set off this morning to Somerset to collect another BSA Ariel 3 moped, a long day but so worth it.

Busy Times

Well having dropped off the Engine in somerset over last weekend and stayed around for a bit to enjoy the sun, I came home to an even busier week of work on the car and engines. It was a loverly break sat on the beech in the sun, but I...


Sunny Times at the coast

Whilst dropping off a 2300 engine for Dan, i took the opportunity for a few days laying in the sun, I am burnt, relaxed and had a great time. Thanks to our hosts Danny and Sandie.

2300 for Dan

Slant four for Somerset (part 2)

This morning I dropped off the rest of the moving parts of the slant four engine at the balancers, within a couple of hours I had collected everything and back home happy as anything. Take a Bedford CF crankshaft thats a bit worn, and get it ground (in this case...

The Beast

Slant four 2300

Well today I finally took the plunge to do something with the old 2300 slant four engine thats been in the shed of plenty for some time now. Its off at the workshop having a rebore to plus 40 (as I have a set of High Compression pistons at plus...


Darth gets a new engine

This weekend was going to be a full on engines (note the multiple) out of cars and into other cars session, however I didn’t arrive at Dan’s till Saturday AM, and by that time the rest of the chaps had already got two engines out of the cars (one out...

Izuzu Power

Road Trip

I went down to Somerset to collect a gearbox for a friend this morning and whilst there I also dropped off my Type 9 gearbox for some work with another friend, I also got to see the Diesel Viva in all its smoky glory. 1.7 Isuzu powered Viva HC estate,...

Easter weekend update

Friday morning I drove on down to Somerset to help a friend fix / break / cut up / weld / (add your own action words here) some of his cars. I was a little dubious we would get the planned work done, but with a lot of effort we...