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Shakespeare County Raceway, Viva Outlaws

Shakie Saturday

This morning the wind at Shakespeare County Raceway was finally a tail wind and not a head wind as it has been the last three times we have been racing. Again it was time...

Viva Outlaws March 2014

Sunny Drag Racing

Well I am back from Shakespeare County Raceway, after a nice mornings racing with a couple of friends from the Viva Outlaws. Both were driving V8 Rover powered Vivas, one a GT the other...

NTD890C Avon park 2012

Marvin gets his picture taken

I was looking through some websites to find pictures to inspire me for a poster I am making for a club day and I came across this site http://www.ukdrn.co.uk its rather good and features...

Tightwad Racing Presents

Its that time again when you need to sit back with the popcorn and a beer and watch some pure class action from Tightwad Racing. I present from the skills of Hicky-Toe-Mott more video...


Marvin Winning

Right its time I started posting more fro this weekends fun, and to start with tonight we have a race between myself in Marvin and SOD (don’t ask) in his dad’s HB Estate, as...

The Judge

The Judge

Ross and his 200sx powered HC Coupe (NOT a Firenza for all those commentators out there), bit grainy but its better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper.