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RAH713F Lotus 907 Prototype

Lotus Heads

Not all my readers are on Facebook so i thought i would post back some information I posted on Facebook so you can all see it. Its in response to a few questions from a 2.6 Lotus engine owner, I hope it adds to the greater knowledge and is interesting...


Lotus Viva GT History

A few Viva HB owners are now playing with the lotus 900 series engine in the front of our Vivas, be it the whole engine or just the head bolted to the Vauxhall unit. As part of the restoration of my GT (KGT 455G) the engine at some point or...

Lotus 907 prototype manifold

Exhausting work

A local GT owner to me has what could be a gold mine of information and parts that relate to the original Lotus 900 series engine development. Andy (the present owner or RAH) has lent me the all important exhaust manifold, so that when we get back to “lowering the...