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Fix it Sunday

Today I drove over to a friends house to assist in fixing a car, we left at 4PM after having fixed 2 cars. We started off by looking at the Blue 2 door, turned out to be a duff distributor and LT lead. We got on so well with the...


The Reading Festival of Rust

Yayyy a weekend away with good friends, bacon and beer (plus a curry!) I picked up Clara from the station and after three false starts we left my house and headed south on the motorway towards Reading. Cheesy did his normal faultless drive and we arrived (albeit getting lost) in...


Too many miles

Well it was a 7AM rise and 8AM leave the house got back home around 5PM, and where did I get too? Went to Leeds to drop the green estate off, and then Sleaford to collect the Coppertone S74… Tired now, 368 miles down and tooo tired to write much more.


I took some images of PSL’s loverly white HC saloon today whilst collecting some parts