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Cheesy wheels found

It was a hell of a long time ago, and I forgot I had these two images, but here is Cheesy my first HA Viva saloon, wearing a set of 10×13 wheels. These wheels were bought by my Norwegian mate; Per. Needless to say the car looked the doggies and...

GCY430N Per Norway Billing 2008

Billing 2008

Well it was a good Billing, it did threaten to be a bad one with weather and cold, but it turned out to be a better billing than I had expected. Per arrived from Norway late on Wednesday night, and we pimped up his car on the Thursday. It was...

Per Norway


Well its been a quiet week again, seems that’s June’s theme? Anyway, after speaking to a good friend last night on the phone, looks like I will need to get my finger out with another engine, her 1256cc HC estate which should have an 1159cc 90 engine is beyond description,...

Speaking of Blue

I’ve just got back from collecting a gearbox for Per in Norway from Steve, a very nice chap from the outlaws. Here is the very blue gearbox sat in the shed awaiting collection….. and eventually delivery to Norway.

A Blue potting shed

Well after a 2 hour trip up the loverly M6, I arrived in Bury to have a look at the HC, its a shed, never going to win any prizes for condition or looks, but it might well be the ideal car for per in Norway to use as a...

Another day trip

So much for getting time to do my own thing, I’ve taken Today and tomorrow off work so I could have two days to get Marvin on the road and MOT’d but seems I am now driving up to Lancashire tomorrow to look at a HC for someone, sounds like...

Per Inge Chevette

Ghetto Blaster

We are back…. seems the car did its job!!! Now I am not saying the owner lived in a nasty place, but the background shows the superb modern habitation of the area.

Per Inge Chevette

Chuvit up your …. LEEDS

Today I depart for Leeds, I go forth to collect a car, not any car, a Vauxhall Chevette, a right rotten nasty looking icky car. But its not mine its for a friend, in Norway. Luckly when I say collect I mean drive a Co Driver to Leeds so they...