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Not quite a drag race!

Yesterday was supposed to be the end of the season races at Avon park, and I was due to pop over and have a few runs up the track. Weather played a big part in the process of going or doing something else. In the end the races were curtailed...

I am back from the silence.

Right its gone at last thanks to my next door neighbour who happened to need a trailer to shift one of his cars (loose term to describe it as a car, think rotten shell on route to crusher) and me piggy backing on his good will. Anyway the Black beast...


SHHHH Secret project

Yes I know I have been too quiet for too long, so what Have I been up to then? In a word, getting myself waist deep in too much work that’s what. I have been researching and am now ready to order the rubbers for the GT, and I can...

Generals Baby

This arrived today on the flatbed, its not staying long, but rescued from many years stuck in a garage 99% finished.