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160J in the air

It runs

Well the Datsun 160J is now running ands seems to be fine bar a tune up…. Its now been left to cool down, to see if it Varnishes up again. It needs to cool down completely as thats when the crap in the fuel (we think fuel) is varnishing up...

Datsun 160J 1800cc engine

Oil seals and Old Datsun’s

Why is it that every webpage in the world has got it all wrong when it comes to oil seals for The Daihatsu Move? I ask for a Front crank oil seal and what I keep getting is a Camshaft oil seal. All I want is the one that goes...

P650OBA engine rebuild

Move engine rebuild

Today in the post arrived 85% of the gaskets and seals needed to re assemble the engine for the Move. I got straight to it after work. First up, change the rear crank oil seal for the new one. Next fit new valve guide seals to the head. Fit a...

P650OBA strip down


Its been a terrible day here, water all over the place, mainly coming down from the sky. But the sun did come out of the clouds around 2pm, so I used the time to start the stripping down the Move in order to get the engine out. To say this...


Moving on up

Right well I ordered all the parts to replace the old oil seals on the Move engine, alas it does involve removing the engine, which in all respects was the last possible thing I wanted to do, but it leaks so much oil now I have have no choice. Luckily...

Matt Black P650OBA

Rear Axle Brakes

Yesterday was a long day, I ended up working on three cars… I guess it was one of those days where I wanted to get a load of jobs done and dusted, this morning I am paying for it, as it now feels like I have been run over by...

Matt Black P650OBA

More Matt Black

Tonight I managed to finish off the whole Passenger side of the Move, that just leaves the Roof, the bonnet the drivers door and drivers front wing, to paint matt black. I will be painting the bumpers in gloss Black and getting some wheel trims to finish off the outside.

P650OBA matt black

Not a Viva

I know its not a Viva but I bought this last week to play with, today I started the process of turning it into a stealth bomber, tomorrow I shall continue. Bumpers are going to be Gloss Black, I was going to wallpaper it but realised it was to difficult...