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The Van Goes

Well after a lot of poking and prodding I came to the conclusion that the Van would not make a sound investment as a second car. If I am going to do some racing next year it will have to be a Saloon and not a van. So on the...


Holy Cow

well I got the Van back from the welder, hes patched it to hell and back… hes done a realy good job, but I have just created two more areas to weld up!! I decided this evening was a good time to remove all the oil stained carpets and clean...


Why a Yellow van?

What am I planning to use the Yellow HA van for? I want a Billing mobile, something to sleep in, something to fill full of crap, and something a little weird. I like HA’s, I like yellow. This van seems to tick all the boxes. Issues however are not making...

LTO766W Ex BT Bedford HA Van

Bedford Ex BT Van

Well it was a last minute dash to get to London last night, but the end result is a joy to behold: I welcome you all to Terry, the newest family member. Terry is 27 years old, hes from a working class background, used to work for British Telecom, then...

LTO766W Ex BT Bedford HA Van

Sleepless in Hope

Tomorrow I go to collect mt new toy!!!! yayyyyy a yellow van… pictures when I get them, A friend Mike is giving me a hand (I say hand he’s doing all the driving and towing!)


Time for Marvin (nearly)

Right with that Heap of a car gone, and the Skoda almost fully up to speed (not the right words I am sure) I now have three weeks in which to get Marvin all ship shape and shiny for Billing. Whats Billing? Its only the biggest car show of the...