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Sennan Cove Cornwall

I have arrived..

…at Lands End. I can truly say Lands End still is a waste of cash, but I had to visit the dump to prove I had done it. JOGLE done I shall be homeward bound tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting home, and I may use the Fosse Way...


Today was the most boring day in history, I drove from Carlisle to Bridgewater in Somerset. 100’s of miles of nothing but moterway..

Scotland October 2014

Speed is for loser drivers

Today I trundled through the Highlands of Scotland at about 40 miles an hour, slower on the long uphill bits. I took a few images of the mountains and hills I saw on route. Loch Lomond has a terrible road, its having some upgrades which have made it a right...

Cheap Fuel

One cylinder short of a four pot

It started on saturday at 3.30am, I got into Rambo, turned the key and headed out into the great unknown, by 6am I was way north and stopped for a break, only to discover I had left my iPad at home. Not a great start to keeping a blog of...

Rambo Ready for LEJOG

D Day approaches

Right here’s a silly thing to do, earlier in the year I spend money (some might ask why?) on a Daihatsu Move. Tomorrow is the why, I plan to set off dead early for John O Groats in Scotland, and from there head south to Lands End in Cornwall, then...