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P650OBA engine swap 2014


Well the engine has been swapped in the MOVE, its taken all day yesterday and my body is wrecked. Its not all over yet, as all the harnesses and water pipes need putting back on. That is todays task, but not just yet as I need a coffee and some...

Move 850cc Triple engine rebuild

Tired long week

Its been a very long week so far, and I have struggled to get parts for things and find time after work to get other things done. But I am happy to report the Datsun is still running, and things are looking good for it. Time has been taken up...

P650OBA strip down


Its been a terrible day here, water all over the place, mainly coming down from the sky. But the sun did come out of the clouds around 2pm, so I used the time to start the stripping down the Move in order to get the engine out. To say this...