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Leeds tomorrow

Well yet again I am off to help another Viva owner, this time it back to Leeds with a 1159 90 engine for Kat, she owns my old Green HC estate that alas was in “a state”. However tomorrow we are going to remove the offensive 1256 engine from the...

Shed of Plenty

Stop doing stupid drives Paul!

Today I arose at 6am set off from the house at 7am on yet another daft drive to deliver engines. First stop was Southport in Lancashire to drop off the boxed new engine and a drivers door for George, I was going to pop over to Daves (he has a...

1159cc engine for kat

Well I thought I had actually start putting together the engine for kat’s HC Estate, and as I know Kat is one for detail I have done a full photo blog of the build, click on the first picture and a description will walk you through the build… the copper...


Too many miles

Well it was a 7AM rise and 8AM leave the house got back home around 5PM, and where did I get too? Went to Leeds to drop the green estate off, and then Sleaford to collect the Coppertone S74… Tired now, 368 miles down and tooo tired to write much more.

CNR870T Lurch

OPPS forgot to say

OOPs forgot to say, the nice part of me is giving one of the cars away for free… Kat in Leeds has been carless for as long as I have known her. She owns a viva but its a little rotten to say the least, she has always kept the...