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NTD890C Head

Studs ahoy

I took a couple of hours off work this afternoon and popped over to IB Engineering and borrowed the boss for an hour and we now have this: yes 8 rocker studs and the head all clean and ready to rebuild, so this evening I did just that, and used...

Stripped and drilled!

I dropped the block back off at the machine shop today, the guys have had a look are are going to re-drill the hole and tap it as a metric bolt. All I now need to do is get the retainer plate drilled as well and I can rebuild this...

IB Engineering

Collected the crank from Marvins engine from IB Engeenering, it has been reground to 0.030″ on the mains and big ends, £45 all in, blokes a nice chap got a good find there.Two day turn around, seems to be rebuilding classic engines all day long.