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OHV Head

New head

It a bit quiet so I thought I had better say what I have been up to. Not a lot in summary, other than working on a new head for Marvin. Its a 90 Engine head, and its been skimmed a further 20 thou. The valves are standard size not...

1057cc unleaded


I collected a head today from the workshop, its very shiny. The bottom end done the head done, just need to ad the little bits like dynamo, starter and carb. One shinny head Its been converted to unleaded and I have popped out one of the valves out so I...

1159cc head

Heads Up

Well I collected the SL90 head from the engineering shop yesterday evening, it looks fab, they had to remove 15 thou off the head as it had a few deep marks, but that’s a good thing anyways as it increases the compression ration of the engine. Now all i need...