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HA Fuel tank

Sunny Delight

What a difference a sunny day makes, I dropped another head off at the machine shop, that should be ready for end of next week, once that’s on the engine, I will of finished 2 SL90 engines. I then need to package that up up and ship it back to...

Out of the Blue

Last night I got a MSN message from an old friend, who wanted to know if I was still after a fuel tank for my car (BLIMEY!), so this morning I was over there like a shot with my tools and got not only the fuel tank, for which I...

HA Fuel tank

Fuel tank readyness

The old fuel tank has come into play now, the only job left on it it to fix some bolts in the holes at the bottom so it can be bolted into the car…. spent a while painting it up, doesn’t look half bad if I don’t say so!