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Viva Outlaws

Viva’s at Santa Pod 2000

Right there was me all ready to spend the day in the shed, but that’s not going to happen as neither the head nor the block are ready for collection, so its back to making youtube videos again. This time for you delight is Santa Pod circa 2000, this is...

Viva Outlaws

Avon Park Raceway

Today I drove in convoy over to Avon Park Raceway near Stratford and put Marvin to the test. In short I got almost the exact number I expected 20.499 seconds for the quarter mile (I guessed around 20 seconds). That was with the boot full of tools and stuff and...

Santa Pod 2010

Santa time already!

Yes Santa Pod, for a late end of the season dragster spotting day. It was a good run out for Marvin, although he did Pink a bit on the way there, but luckily Edd had a timing light so we played with the timing at Santa Pod and I am...