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P650OBA engine swap 2014


Well the engine has been swapped in the MOVE, its taken all day yesterday and my body is wrecked. Its not all over yet, as all the harnesses and water pipes need putting back on. That is todays task, but not just yet as I need a coffee and some...

EYY260J new engine June 2014

Engine swap HC 2 door

Yesterday or today is the longest day of the year, and for me yesterday was an 18 hour door to door, another “Viva summer festival”. Having left my house at 6:30am and driven down to Reading for 9:00am to meet up with Mazzo and his Green two door HC. The...


Long Day

Its been a long day, Dave arrived on the back of a flat bed on Wednesday after this car gave out at Keele services on the M6, he arrived around 4pm and within a couple of hours we had a 1256cc sat on new mounts in the car and ready...