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P650OBA engine rebuild

Move engine rebuild

Today in the post arrived 85% of the gaskets and seals needed to re assemble the engine for the Move. I got straight to it after work. First up, change the rear crank oil seal for the new one. Next fit new valve guide seals to the head. Fit a...


Moving on up

Right well I ordered all the parts to replace the old oil seals on the Move engine, alas it does involve removing the engine, which in all respects was the last possible thing I wanted to do, but it leaks so much oil now I have have no choice. Luckily...

OHV Head

New head

It a bit quiet so I thought I had better say what I have been up to. Not a lot in summary, other than working on a new head for Marvin. Its a 90 Engine head, and its been skimmed a further 20 thou. The valves are standard size not...


Friday end of week

Here are the parts I collected this morning, ready to use in the re-assembly of the 1159cc fast engine. The crank has been machined to match the new bearings, and also balanced, you can just see the machining at either end of the crank. The pistons have already been fitted...


Busy Morning

This morning I was up early to pay a visit to the engine balancers. they are a few miles away from me, but nothing that doesn’t take 30 minutes, they are on a farm and I would never of found them in a million years had it not been for...

Sandy Saturday

Been a while since I added a post so thought I had better keep things up to date. All I have done this week is exchange a million emails with various people about rubbish, as for actually doing anything, well I got the 1159 block cleaned of all the protective...


Leeds tomorrow

Well yet again I am off to help another Viva owner, this time it back to Leeds with a 1159 90 engine for Kat, she owns my old Green HC estate that alas was in “a state”. However tomorrow we are going to remove the offensive 1256 engine from the...


Sunday Funday

Today I took some time to look at the engine from the green HB, all looks very good and all bar two bolts were easy to undo. I have taken one main and one big end off , and the shell ends are like new at STD size, so nothing...

OHV engine

New Years Eve

Being me yes I worked on things even though its New Years Eve.. Sad that It is, anyway finished cleaning the head, polishing the ports, bedding the valves in and cleaning everything ready to re assemble after I have painted the head Red to match the block.