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Shakespeare County Raceway, Viva Outlaws

Shakie Saturday

This morning the wind at Shakespeare County Raceway was finally a tail wind and not a head wind as it has been the last three times we have been racing. Again it was time...

The Judge

The Judge

Ross and his 200sx powered HC Coupe (NOT a Firenza for all those commentators out there), bit grainy but its better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper.

Avon Park Raceway

Right folks a quick update from today’s racing. Alas I didn’t break into the 19’s in fact I was slower than last time out, but weather wasn’t the best, head wind and frankly I...

More videos

Thanks to Martin I now have some more videos of Avon park raceways last weekend. First for your delight is Martin racing his V8 HC, bit fuzzy but sounds good to me: Secondly we...


Video Time

I said I would get some video of me racing at Shakespeare raceway last weekend, and I have. However its not a lot and the camera was focused on the white GT I was...

Viva Outlaws

Avon Park Raceway

Today I drove in convoy over to Avon Park Raceway near Stratford and put Marvin to the test. In short I got almost the exact number I expected 20.499 seconds for the quarter mile...