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Lean on me

I collected the 2300cc block this morning and the new pistons (on nice clean con rods now) for it, I shall be fitting them tomorrow, I need to sort the dowel pin out, (the one that helps the head locate on the block) As well as collecting this block I...


Cranks back

I got the crank back last night after it was reground, its perfect now, so I dropped into the 1159cc block, from where it came. As i have said in the past I wanted to rebuild this engine using as many of the old parts from it as possible including...

OHV engines

Crank grind 101

You know how it is you take a grank shaft to the workshop to get ground and he asks whats size, to avoid any confussion I actually supply the main and big end bearings. The mains are 0.030″ and the Big ends 0.020″. So collected the crank this morning from...

Collected another ground Crank

Picked up the other Crankshaft from IB Engineering today and the crank cases after some heavy cleaning, they are looking good and will be nice to finally start re assembling things.