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BSA Curry

Well I thought I was time to pull Curry out of storage, where he has been for nearly a year, and sort out all the long list of niggles. Need to change the main chain (possible chain ring, pedals etc at the front end) as the chain just slips over...

FBHVC Ride it day report

Nick and myself got the Trikes of Doom out and did a 19 mile ride (yes it was 19 miles Nick) around the countryside North of Nuneaton. Henry still has the edge over Stan, but its closer than it was, mainly due to the mainshaft bearings on the drive wheel...

BSA Ariel 3 MOT time

I know its the first of April, and it may seem like a joke, but it is time to get my BSA Ariel 3 out of the garage and get an MOT on it. And so it begins, but first find the MOT man who seems to of spat his...

worn down

I never thought I would of used so much tread in so few miles (about 200 tops), either these tyres are made of cheese or the power is more than they can handle. I know which is the answer, can you guess?

Watch out Guy Martin

The filming that was done earlier in the year at Mallory park turned out to be rubbish due to wind noise, so we did it all again, it was a long day which resulted in about 10 minutes of film on line. Needless to say I come across as a...

BSA Ariel 3 trike

BSA Ariel 3 Norfolk Curry

Right well curry is full assembled, but so much left to sort out…. air filter and wheel caps to fit… then its the age old job of getting it running then sorting the lights and horn, then getting the brakes to work and then bedding of the engine in. etc...

BSA Ariel 3

Somerset Curry

I set off this morning to Somerset to collect another BSA Ariel 3 moped, a long day but so worth it.

Princethorpe show

Went to a car show today with Nick, who felt it was a good idea to get me out of the house and doing something interesting, it was a nice day sun was out and lots of cars were on show. Needless to say our little display of three Air...

Bsa Ariel 3

Mallory Park

Been out most of the day on the Air 3 with my mate Nick. We rode over to Mallory Park today to watch some of the Honda C90 Endurance racing, looked fun! We got grabbed by the guys at ‘On Yer Bike Show’ who interviewed both me and Nick as...

The BSA Ariel 3 display team

Its another BSA post

You know its by the power of google, youtube and Facebook that this miracle of modern engineering (the BSA Air 3) shows us its true face. never was so much fun had by so many at the same time. This video was found on youtube, Marvel at the fun!