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Sunburnt and happy

yes that’s right, I have just looked in the mirror and I am sunburnt! Its mid October just what is going on? Today I spent at Shakespeare raceway with Marvin seeing if I could go sub 20 seconds. Well we didn’t quiet make that but 20.071 seconds is as near...


Video Time

I said I would get some video of me racing at Shakespeare raceway last weekend, and I have. However its not a lot and the camera was focused on the white GT I was racing. No matter because I enjoyed myself. The video also included the other guys racing each...

Viva Outlaws

Avon Park Raceway

Today I drove in convoy over to Avon Park Raceway near Stratford and put Marvin to the test. In short I got almost the exact number I expected 20.499 seconds for the quarter mile (I guessed around 20 seconds). That was with the boot full of tools and stuff and...