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Good bye Mr Arthur

Yep that’s right, Arthur is presently whisking his way south, towards a new life by the seaside, sand sea and sump oil me thinks! The new owner seems a nice fellow, he’s owned a few vivas before so knows the score when it comes to rattles, squeaks and bumps. Hopefully...



Yea yea I know its been all too quiet here, well in some news Arthur is off to a new home tomorrow, sold (or should I say selling) the car to a chap from Portsmouth, so it will be in a nice place down south at the seaside. I took...

Subframe now scrap

I’ve spent 2 days stripping down the sub frame to find out what the problem was, I have found two problems, the first is the top arm bushes were worn down, all they would need is replacing and refitting. However the second issue is a bit harder to sort out,...


Front Subframe

Well I found a few hours this evening, and I stripped 75% of the front sub frame. So far it all looks like worn bushes were the problem. not got it fully apart yet and inspected things, but some of the bushes in the top arms are worn down, I...


Sunny Sunday

Ive been for a drive in Arthur, fist time since the new sub frame was fitted, and all seems well. no funny noises no leaning and no looking very embarrassed getting out of the car anymore LOL Before: After: Yes I have also added an SL grille


Is it because we is Black?

Yep I fitted them tonight, thanks to Fred I have some comfy seats for the HC, from a Magnum by the looks of things, fit like a dream, just the rear parcel shelf to sort out another time.



Ive just got back from Newport in Shropshire, to collect a set of superb Magnum seats for the HC, they will do the car proud, the condition is far far better than I could of expected. Right time to got test drive the HA and stop finding reasons to not...

Luton Festival of Transport 2008

I went on my first car show this year so far down to Luton and meet up with some people I hadn’t seen in an age, anyway it was to sunny and I am burnt to a crisp. I havent been to the Luton show before even when I lived...

Viva Radiator

Two forward One back

Why doesn’t it surprise me with Marvin that every time I get a step forward something pushes it back, Its just been MOT’d and Today it got 12 months Road tax (free of course), and this afternoon I decided it was time to play with the tappets, so warm up...


Arthur now has ears

Found some spare time this evening after work and took one drill and two old Chevette wing mirrors and 30 minutes later Arthur has ears!!! I might actually be able to see when I reverse and can stop using the force.