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Well That’s the first day done at the paint-shop, yes that’s right my week I had booked off work has seen the first day spent the day at the paint-shop helping to prep the car for paint. I know a lot of people would think this silly as I am...

Week middle report

Its been a slow week, no news from the paint-shop which probably means nothing has taken place, I am sort of resigned to the fact its going to take a lot longer than I thought. Lets just hope is good! In the mean time I have painted lots of odds...


The work begins

Today I can report that the new wing is being fitted to Marvin, I popped up to answer a few questions about the grille location and to have a look at the wing location, so far so good. The old wing isn’t looking to bad either, lots of good sections...

Arbury Coach Works

Goodbye for now

Marvin went off to the paint shop tonight, lets hope its good and quick.

NTD890C Crash

Insurance inspection

The insurance inspector came today, spent ages an ages poking over the car, but the good news is he seems to think everything on the quote is fine, albeit he things the front panel is going to be easier to fix than to replace. I will get the OKAY later...



Marin was dropped off tonight at the paint shop, with 1 litre of paint, should take about 10 days or so maybe longer for the roof to dry fully and harden off before refitting the sunroof. That means I am going to miss the drive it day in Telford, but...