Picture tag: Retrorides show 2008

Santa Pod 2010

Santa time already!

Yes Santa Pod, for a late end of the season dragster spotting day. It was a good run out for Marvin, although he did Pink a bit on the way there, but luckily Edd had a timing light so we played with the timing at Santa Pod and I am...

Clifford Models

Christmas wants

I pictured these last weekend and really want some of these cars… I cannot find a lot on the internet but was told these were far east imports and cost a small fortune, one shall have to start saving and looking.



I took off the offending alternator this morning and rolled on the off change down to jonspeedracing around the corner, after a little bird told me they might be the same as a mini alternator? Not only did they have one in stock but it was brand new with the...

Alternator woe’s

I had some time at last to look at the car, not a single hour this week apart from bunking off work an hour early today. (that’s why I haven’t posted anything as there was no news I can give).. I had recharged the flat battery last night so everything...


Middle Earth

Yesterday I spent the day in the shires, of middle earth (Norfolk for the unwise) scanning pictures of cars, yes a whole day scanning nearly 900 cars from photo albums. I have about the same gain to do, but doing them one album at a time, so the rest will...


Pressure needed

I have been playing with the Marvin today and sort of hit another block. He is only running on three cylinders no matter what I try, its cylinder number 3. What is very daft is that I cannot seem to get a spark to number 3? I have cleaned and...


Changing winds

I have changed my plans a little bit with Marvin, off has come the twin choke Webber as it was just jetted all wrong, lots of over fuel and terrible running. So for now its back to the single Solex 30iz in the short term, and at a alter date...

AC Delco Dizzy

Dizzy Times

Today in the post arrived two small parts that pop inside the dizzy cap of a AC Delco D204, which just so happens to be what is fitted to most Vivas, if you have said dizzy in your Viva you will know it but the terrible fitting cap design. Anyway...