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Jet Smooth

Jet smooth Whisper quiet

A few weeks ago i came across a roll of 16mm Super cine film and its taken a while to convert to digital, but here it is in all its glory. its dated early 1966 and features the Viva HB. Undoubtedly this is a pre production car and the car...

TXD842G Fungus

End of an era

Today saw me saying goodbye to the last of the project cars, this one has hung around for over two years with no work done but nearly £500 in storage fees wasted, cutting my losses I have moved it onto someone who I know will do something. I just couldn’t...

HB rear quarter


Its been a while, I have been busy with lots of other things and the cars have taken a back seat for a few weeks. But yesterday I collected the front subframe from Retropower and today stripped it right down to its component parts. I am going to send off...

I am back from the silence.

Right its gone at last thanks to my next door neighbour who happened to need a trailer to shift one of his cars (loose term to describe it as a car, think rotten shell on route to crusher) and me piggy backing on his good will. Anyway the Black beast...

Generals Baby

This arrived today on the flatbed, its not staying long, but rescued from many years stuck in a garage 99% finished.

Pressie For Ray

Right this is a post specifically for SID… I have had a look at the other external tensioner pads and they are all the same, the picture you sent was of the old one on the left and the new one on the right, I see what you mean when...


Ray is finished

Had another email today off the owner of RAY, showing me the finished item…. he is now MOT’d and ready for the road again. Well done Sid… Looking forward to seeing the RAY on the show rounds.


Ray Updates

Sid the new owner of RAY my old HB saloon has sent me some pictures of RAY, I am over the moon that I sold him to Sid as I knew he would put the time and work into the wings and make RAY what he should be, a class...


The wipers work on RAY bit they only wipe a small section of the screen so tonight I though it time to pull it all part and find out why, I suspected it was the bushes, but they ll turned out to be like new. I stripped the wiper mechanism...


More news

I know, I know its been a while since I did an update, its just been so busy… However today the lights were 99% sorted, I know have front at rear lights, sidelights, indicators, reverse lights (lenses to change) rear fog lights and a horn. All thinsg that were sadly...