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KKITP readyness

The Move is all ready for the Kei Kars In The Park show at Gaydon tomorrow. Looking forward to it, the weather is fantastic today and it hopefully the same tomorrow. I will get a chance to have a look at equally small cars, which although very different to a...


Gear Linkage

I played with the Move this morning and decided it was time to fix the gear linkage. The gearstick wobbles everywhere and its sometimes hard to find a gear, it turns out all it was is a bush out of place. Circled in red below is the bush in question....

Shine a light

I haven’t done anything Viva for a while, as the GT has been awaiting a slot in the busy time schedule at Retropower, but we are close now, so sorry if I have been distracted by other makes of cars. We are within a couple of week of diving back...


Moving More

I went to Horsham today to collect my new Daihatsu Move, this time a manual and only 29k miles (well its 30k now). Its not the plus model so doesn’t get the central locking nor the electric windows, but it has 12 months MOT, this is a super clean (in...

P650OBA AKA Rambo

No cylinders short of anything

Rambo has gone, new owner looked pleased as punch as he buzzed off down the road. Goodbye chap, was a great blast but then all good things come to an end. Dont worry another Move is coming this Saturday….

Sennan Cove Cornwall

I have arrived..

…at Lands End. I can truly say Lands End still is a waste of cash, but I had to visit the dump to prove I had done it. JOGLE done I shall be homeward bound tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting home, and I may use the Fosse Way...


Today was the most boring day in history, I drove from Carlisle to Bridgewater in Somerset. 100’s of miles of nothing but moterway..

Scotland October 2014

Speed is for loser drivers

Today I trundled through the Highlands of Scotland at about 40 miles an hour, slower on the long uphill bits. I took a few images of the mountains and hills I saw on route. Loch Lomond has a terrible road, its having some upgrades which have made it a right...

Cheap Fuel

One cylinder short of a four pot

It started on saturday at 3.30am, I got into Rambo, turned the key and headed out into the great unknown, by 6am I was way north and stopped for a break, only to discover I had left my iPad at home. Not a great start to keeping a blog of...

Rambo Ready for LEJOG

D Day approaches

Right here’s a silly thing to do, earlier in the year I spend money (some might ask why?) on a Daihatsu Move. Tomorrow is the why, I plan to set off dead early for John O Groats in Scotland, and from there head south to Lands End in Cornwall, then...