Monthly Archive: September 2017


GT tyres on wheels

So another evening in the workshop and 4 tyres later (cheers Scott). Fronts to do later in week, but near as damn it rears done and fitted (bar the right nuts I have to...


GT rear rim fitment

Busy morning moving all the parts from storage to the workshop. After which the first job was to try the new wheel rims on the car. Alas the rear calliper carrier is just a...


GT resto begins again

Just out of long term storage, and work will re start tomorrow, Lots to plan, things to purchase and no doubt questions to ask. Started in 2011, maybe needs another half decade to finish?

Road Trip

I went on a road trip down south with my Mate nick to have a look at another Air3 Trike. Nick bought this one for a good price and in his own words would...

Datsun gets shipped

The day has come, the Datsun has set sail for Africa. The rally doesn’t start till mid / late November but a container ship isn’t the fastest mode of transport, but it is certainly...