Monthly Archive: February 2014

Peak District

Ringing Roger

Went for a walk up on Kinder Scout today with an old university mate, I am now feeling very sore and stiff as it was hour upon hour walking into driving wind.

Cosmic Alloy Wheels 1966

Cosmic Alloy wheels

Further to last night post on the new alloy wheels, I found another old guide on the internet and thought I would share it with you: Click to download the 1966 PDF

Cosmic Alloy Wheel

Cosmic Alloy wheels

Collected these loverly wheels for Lutterworth tonight after a fellow Viva owner collected them for me from Newcastle and delivered them south for me. A set of four 6 x 13 Cosmic wheels, all...


Viva GT Front brake upgrades

Right today I put the new front disks onto the subframe over at the workshop, this will allow it to be fitted to the car and then get on with the engine fit, although...

Front brakes KJT455G

Vented front brake disks

I collected the modified front hubs from the engineering shop today (MACE Engineering of Nuneaton), basically I have stuck with 240mm front disks (so I can get 13″ wheels on the car) but changed...

Cosmic Alloys

Update on the GT

No pictures again, sorry but my posts are becoming small footnotes as I am so busy with one thing or another. The axle has been rebuilt and collected now. And with some luck they...