Monthly Archive: February 2011


Clutch Final chapter

The clutch is in and I have been for a wee trip around the block, I have topped up the gearbox oil (via the gear-stick hole trick), so far so good. I shall put...


Clutch change 4

I am getting old, and I have spent some money on a trolley so i can roll around under the car, and keep myself dry, yea I know not like me to spend on...

Clutch change part 3

Horra the gearbox is in! well when I say its in, I mean its onto the engine and has two bolts finger tight in and the cross-member holding it in situ. Alas its very...

Battersea Holder Station

Next Weekend’s Plans

I have spoken to two people today about the gearbox and both have said the same thing, engine out !!! However an ex Vauxhall workshop chap who worked on the vans back in the...


Clutch Part 2

Not a fully satisfying day today, I got outside and under the car for 10am, and had the gearbox off for 1pm. which sounds a long time, but its me on my own and...


Clutch part 1

Today I felt looking at the weather now was the best time to change the clutch in Marvin. The clutch slips under full power and its annoying when you want to use full power....

Vauxhall Dealers

Dealer sign

This popped up for sale the other day, alas it is way out of my price range (considering it was sold by John Goodwins, in ledbury for £160 in June 2010) at £350.

Midland wheels JBW copy of Dunlop D1

Dunlop D1’s

I was going through some old magazines and came across an advert for my wheels: My wheels are in good condition but lack that MINT feeling, so I am looking at (LOOKING nothing more)...


Ray is finished

Had another email today off the owner of RAY, showing me the finished item…. he is now MOT’d and ready for the road again. Well done Sid… Looking forward to seeing the RAY on...

Battersea Holder Station

Not exactly Viva’s

Today I got a lucky chance to visit one of the tallest gas holders in Europe, Battersea holder number 7 is 320 feet tall, built in the 1920’s and now decommissioned, ready to be...