Monthly Archive: February 2010

HA Advert


I got these a few weeks back from a good source (cheers GT) some are best shown purely for there visual imagery. All cool as far as I am concerned.

Weekend report

Well a real busy weekend started off over at a friends house, the last of the old scrap HA was cut up and form the parts we extracted some chassis rails, a front cross-member...


Marvins new Heart

Tonight I bolted down the head, and also started fitting all the odds and sods to the engine like mounts etc, so far so good. Its black and shiny and I have fitted lots...



I brushed all the snow off the cars and gave them a wash down and wipe dry, they still look shiny, secondly I had another 6 tyres delivered and had left them outside, now...



A few sunny hours were well used this morning, not only did RAY get a nice wash but I felt it a good time to check out why I was getting no heat in...


Road test

Swapped the prop today for one without seized yokes, and adjusted the clutch bite point to a better position. Then RAY and myself went for a quick road test, I only went about 4...