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Vauxhall Mirror

Vauxhall Mirror

Again its that time when I do another wee article from the Vauxhall Mirror magazines, this time and it is cheesy I reprint a poem about the Vauxhall Viva HA, circa 1966.


Many many thanks need to go to Peter in Thornaby, he has taken the time to copy and manufacturer some bearings for the OHV engines, they arrived safe and sound today and will be...


Arbury Hall Car Show

Well as all my cars are off the road, I have somewhat missed out on car shows this year. However late last night I caught sight of a flyer for the Arbury Hall classic...


Weekly Marvin update

A weekly update of the HA again, this week the other side of the car has been prepared. There was one part of the car that was never good, and that was just in...


Promised Pictures

Right as promised here are the pictures of the car with about half of it preped for undercoat, it was up on the ramp and shock horror I found a hole… Its a bracket...



Good god, I went to the paint shop after work today for my weekly disappointment to find the car on the ramp, and half the car prepared for primer, things have finally moved onwards....


Parts in post

Well still not seen my car, so in the mean time I have been finding replacement parts for the HA , the GT and a few engine parts, done quiet well this week, managed...

Vauxhall cars on a freight train at Luton, Bedfordshire, 1965.

Random HA items

another week and another selection of old items to do with Vivas that are either from Vauxhall Mirror or off the internet. Today I show off some amazing pictures of HA body shells on...

Datsun Owners


Not done a thing on the cars that is progress, (I have screwed up some paintwork that has pushed me backwards mind!). The main thing that has taken up all of my time this...

Vauxhall Mirror

Six of the best?

In my continuing theme of Vauxhall Mirror stories today we focus upon racing HA’s. News on Marvin before I start, nothing has happened this week, anyway racing HA’s: Viva Ha’s raced from the first...