Monthly Archive: February 2009


Good day

Well not done to bad today, 75% fitted the Black interior to the HA, which all looks great, I have also fitted the wee Mounty Steering wheel which means fat ferk me can fit...


Long time no work

Right time to get back upto date, at last and I mena at last I have nearly finished (but when is anything ever finshed) the Viva Owners Club new website its taken about three...



Right another weekend of fun, I went over to Bulldogs in Exeter this weekend to play with the Green HB we won off eBay. The car was moved down to Exeter for long term...

Big Valve Head


I won a Stage one Slant four head off eBay ages and ages ago (like 3 months ago) and its finally arrived, I managed to get it shipped via friends so it took some...



yep that’s right its snow!!! Nice isn’t it…… if only the battery wasn’t flat I would of used the HA today for work, RWD DRIFT etc rubbish TXT speak terms.