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Vauxhall Viva GT MK1 Le Mans Blue, Lotus 912 engine, various other updates to running gear.


GT badges

last night I finally drilled the rear boot lid of the GT to re fit the GT badge. The rear lid of the GT was rotten so a suitable second hand replacement had been...


GT trim work

Another evening in the workshop, I re-drilled the rear quarters and fitted the GT badges. The rear quarters already had the holes, but were covered over with paint, so a steady hand with the...


GT Rear Seats

Another evening on the tools, after a quick coffee and biscuit (or two) it was back into the workshop and continue the rebuild. All the extra soundproofing has been fitted under the rear seats,...


GT Outside

For the first time in maybe 6 or 7 years the GT spent the day outside in the sun. It wasa bright day so it seemed daft to hide inside. Again its jacked up...


GT Heater box and door locks

More work done today, in my travels over the years I had managed to pick up two door barrels with new keys for a HC, matching numbers and all that. So Today after some...

GT wiper motor fitting

More work done tonight, after a bit of a problem finding a wiper motor cover, I have now got something neat and tidy, thanks to Scott and we now have the whole wiper assembly...


GT tyres on wheels

So another evening in the workshop and 4 tyres later (cheers Scott). Fronts to do later in week, but near as damn it rears done and fitted (bar the right nuts I have to...


GT rear rim fitment

Busy morning moving all the parts from storage to the workshop. After which the first job was to try the new wheel rims on the car. Alas the rear calliper carrier is just a...


GT resto begins again

Just out of long term storage, and work will re start tomorrow, Lots to plan, things to purchase and no doubt questions to ask. Started in 2011, maybe needs another half decade to finish?


Viva GT Brake lines

Part two of the picture heavy updates for the non face bookers amongst you. The brake have been sat awaiting some brake lines for a while, and last week a full set of aeroquip...